Top 5 Best 2-burner Gas Grills To Buy in 2021 Reviews

Nothing smells or tastes better than well-prepared BBQ enjoyed with your family and friends. To always relieve this relishing taste, you need to have the best 2-burner gas grills available at your disposal at all times. They are perfect for preparing the best cuisines outdoors or when you go camping. This article covers all you need to know regarding acquiring the best griddle.

Best 2-burner Gas Grills

Top 5 Best 2-Burner Gas Grills to Buy

RankGas GrillBTUs
1Blackstone 2-burner Flat Top Gas Grill30,000 BTU
2Weber 44010001 2-Burner Gas Grills (Spirit ll E-210)26,500 BTU
3Char-Broil 463673519 Performance 300 2-Burner Gas Grill24,000-BTU
4Cuisinart CGG-306 2-Burner Gas Grill10,000 BTU
5Pit Boss 2-Burner Gas Grill10,000 BTU

Getting a 2-burner gas grill with side burner can be very tasking and complicated, sometimes burning you out. To prevent this, our professional team has taken the necessary steps to check the available products in the market. As a result, we successfully picked out the 5 best 2-burner gas grill that you can choose from:

1. Blackstone 2-burner Flat Top Gas Grill

This product is the best 2-burner gas flat-top grill on our list. It has a total of 470sq inches, making it the perfect griddle for preparing your dinner, lunch, and even breakfast. The grills aids preparation of different recipes such as pancakes, steak, potatoes, eggs, etc.

Besides, it is made using the stainless-steel alloy available. It has a powder-coated frame made using black steel, a cooktop composed of cold-rolled steel, and stainless-steel burners. This ensures the griddle is very durable and can last longer. Furthermore, the griddle possesses four caster wheels of industrial quality, which aids easy movement from one location to another.

In addition, this griddle has two stainless-steel burners of 15,000 BTUs that are independently controlled and contributes a total of 30,000 BTUs while cooking. The source of cooking fuel is propane; this eliminates the stress of cooking with charcoal or kerosene. Finally, the gas grill comes with two shelves at the side and one shelf at the bottom.

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Pros and Benefits

  • 470sq inches.
  • Very versatile.
  • 1 bottom shelf.
  • 2 side shelves.
  • Easily assembled.
  • Propane fueled.
  • Durable and lasts long.
  • 4 caster wheels.

2. Weber 44010001 2-Burner Gas Grills (Spirit ll E-210)

Do you need a 2-burner gas grill that enables you to feast outdoors with friends and families? Then you must obtain the best 2-burner propane grill. The Weber 44010001 gas grill is the solution you need. Black colored, this griddle is made using cast iron that enameled with porcelain, weighs 103 pounds; hence, making it easy to move around. It comes with a porcelain-enameled lid, standard propane LP tank (20 Ib), and it is compatible with iGrill 3, although the accessory is bought separately from the product.

Furthermore, the product has two burners designed to fit into small areas. It has a built-in thermometer attached to the griddle’s lid, which regulates the temperature while cooking.  Besides, a heat deflector designed using stainless steel; is added to the griddle alongside a fuel gauge that regulates your propane fuel usage.

Finally, the product comes with a BILT app for free with 3D instructions on how to assemble the product. This feature makes it easy to assemble and use. It also comes with powerful features such as the GS4 grilling system made up of 4 components; grease management, flavorizer bars, powerful burners, and infinity ignition. They work together to enable you to enjoy a reliable, easily used griddle.

Pros and Benefits

  • Gas grilling system is attached.
  • Standard propane tank attached.
  • Cast-iron grates for cooking.
  • Lid attached to the product.
  • Thermometer fixed to the lid.
  • Side table on the left.
  • Heat deflector.

3. Char-Broil 463673519 Performance 300 2-Burner Gas Grill

Based on the 2-burner gas grill reviews; this product by Char-Broil is easily the best 2-burner stainless grill you can find in the market. The product measures 300sq inches (the primary cooking area) with a 100sq inches rack and has two burners produced using stainless-steel built to last for a long time; this feature establishes its durability. The burners work together to generate a total heat of 24,000 BTUs, enough to cook your favorite recipe, and controlled with the two electronic ignition buttons attached to the burners.

Additionally, the griddle has two side shelves made of metal and serves as a workspace for prepping your meals before transferring them to the burner. These side shelves can be folded down easily after use to save space during storage. The grates made of cast-iron are resistant to rust and porcelain-coated, thus ensuring food does not stick to its surface, making it easy to clean. Besides, it has a greased pan that is removable and helps trap grease from food and a temperature gauge attached to the lid.

Finally, the product is designed as a cabinet grill and has 4 caster wheels used in moving it from one location to another. Besides, the cabinet has a door painted black and used to keep items such as accessories, tools, rubs, and even the propane tank. Therefore, it is highly suitable and easy to use outdoors.

Pros and Benefits

  • Total space of 400sq inch.
  • 2 stainless-steel burners.
  • Electronic ignition for fast startup.
  • Rust-resistant cast-iron grates.
  • Stainless-steel handle.
  • Very durable.
  • 4 caster wheels.
  • Side shelves for prepping.

4. Cuisinart CGG-306 2-Burner Gas Grill

The next item on our list is one of the best 2-burner portable gas grills used outdoors and indoors. The tool comes assembled, due to its portable size, as it weighs 22 lbs in total. This way, your gas grill can easily fit into your car; this is why it’s a favorite amongst several households. The grates made with stainless-steel have two burners controlled by their electric ignition button. Each burner gives off 10,000 BTUs of heat, making it 20,000 BTUs in total, and allows you to prepare various dishes simultaneously.

Furthermore, the griddle comes with an in-built thermometer and burner knobs. These are adjustable and allows you to control the heat coming from the griddle while you cook. This way, you don’t need a match as the ignition turns on automatically due to its twist-start feature.

Lastly, the product has a locking cover/lid with legs folded inwards when not in use. A handle is attached, making it easy to lift the griddle and move it to different locations easily. Therefore, it is the best choice for camping, picnics, etc. For you to clean easily, the griddle uses a drip tray to trap grease while cooking.

Pros and Benefits

  • Requires no assembly.
  • Very portable.
  • Weighs 22 lbs.
  • Stainless-steel grates.
  • In-built thermometer.
  • Burner knobs are adjustable.
  • Automatic ignition system.
  • Easy to clean.

5. Pit Boss 2-Burner Gas Grill

This is the final product on our best two-burner gas grill; the product weighs 27 pounds, is portable, and can be moved easily from one location to another with little or no stress. It is crafted with stainless steel, has a lid used to protect it when not in use. The cooking surface is 276sq inch in total and is large enough to provide room for preparing various dishes.

Furthermore, the product has legs folded when not in use, with latching wood that makes it easy to take to campsite, tailgate, or picnic sites. The griddle also boasts of having two burners controlled independently using their ignition and generates 10,000 BTUs each. This way, you are sure of having the perfect amount of heat required to prepare your meals.  The ignition features a push-and-turn design, making it very easy to use and control. This feature is why this griddle is rated one of the best 2-burner portable gas grills and durable for easy usage.

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Pros and Benefits

  • Weighs 27 pounds.
  • 276sq inch cooking surface.
  • 20,000 BTUs generated in total.
  • Very portable and lightweight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Dome thermometer.
  • Latching hood aids movement.
  • Easy to use and clean.

Best 2 burner Gas Grills – Buying Tips

Before purchasing the best 2-burner gas grill with a side burner, certain facts must be considered to avoid ending up with the wrong products that don’t last long. Some of these factors are:

Cooking Surface

This factor is essential because you need a 2-burner gas grill with enough cooking surface to cater to a small or large group. Find out what your needs are, and then buy the right size while also considering and sticking to your budget.

BTUs Generated

This feature refers to the highest output generated from a gas grill. The larger the cooking area, the more the BTU should be. So, before buying any gas grill, ensure you put that into consideration. Although, the higher the BTU, the more the fuel burned. So, it is advised you use a griddle that generates between 80-100/sq inch. This would help reduce the amount of fuel used up every time.


Depending on the size of space available for your outdoor activities, you need a gas grill that can fit into your lawn (large or small). This is why you should consider portable products, have foldable shelves and weigh little.

Construction Material

This is a factor that is also very important. Long-lasting griddles are made using stainless-steel, porcelain, and cast-iron, or aluminum. Cast aluminum is most preferred as it prevents rust, discolorations, etc., thus making your grill look as good as new always.


This is equally important; you need grills with grates that feature heat resistant surfaces used for cooking. It would prevent hot and cold spots ensuring heat is quickly distributed, and your food is well-cooked without sticking. For this, grates made of cast-iron would serve well.


Is a 2-burner grill enough?

Yes. This depends on the size of people you need to cater to; for a small number, a 2-burner gas grill would be enough.

When should I replace my gas grill burners?

You should replace your gas grill when you discover the smaller holes around the burner have started merging to form larger holes. This is as a result of clogging, forcing gas to be expelled through lesser holes.

Which is the 2-burner gas grill made in the USA?

Cuisinart and Weber 2-burner grills are believed to be made in the USA. Although, this is not entirely true, as some parts are shipped from China outside the USA.

So, what is the best 2 burner gas grill?

Having the best 2-burner gas grill is very important as it helps to spice up camp and other outdoor activities, giving you the best cuisines. However, obtaining one can be tricky, especially when you don’t know what to watch out for when buying one. This is why this article is written to guide you to make the right choice.

There’s a 2-burner gas grill for you. This depends on your budget, and the number of persons’ you’re catering to; we recommend getting the Blackstone 2-burner Flat Top Gas Grill that is first on our list. And we also assure you that the other products would equally meet your needs. So, next time you need the best two burner grill, pick any of these and enjoy your best BBQ. 

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