Top 5 Best Indoor Electric Grills For Korean BBQ 2021

Korean BBQs ranging from samgyeopsal to bulgogi are known to be mouth-watering. With the best sauce and side dishes, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. If you love Korean BBQ and you want to make them in the comfort of your home, then read on, as here is a list of the best indoor electric grills for Korean BBQ.

Best Indoor Electric Grills For Korean BBQ

Top 5 Best Indoor Electric Grills For Korean BBQ

RankElectric GrillGrilling Size
1Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 4-quart Electric Grill100 square inches
2George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill240 square inches
3Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill118 square inches
4Elite Gourmet EMG-980B Large Indoor Electric Grill14 inches
5Electric Grill Etna 110v – Mallory18 inches

The electric grill facilitates meat preparation and grilled vegetables both on normal days and on festive occasions. They are valuable equipment which does not take up much space in the kitchen and is easy to clean.

The best part is that they do not emit as much smoke as traditional grills when preparing meals.

Check out our carefully selected best indoor electric grills for Korean BBQ:

1. Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 4-quart Electric Grill

Topping our list is one of the best indoor electric grills from a well-known brand—Ninja. With the number of positive reviews they’ve gotten from customers, it’s okay to choose this brand over its competitors. It’s not only restricted to grilling BBQ as it can also be deployed for other functions like air-frying, baking, roasting, and dehydrating.

As it is manufactured from top to bottom by Ninja,  its quality is top-notch. It has a detachable hood and two large handles for easy lifting.

Its high-density grate with a measurement of 10×10-inch gives char-grilled marks and flavors. You also get to grill confidently without worrying about it sticking or falling off.

Ninja electric grill digital control panel makes it easy to adjust the heat level. It also has a cool-air zone that makes it virtually smoke-free.

Pros and Benefits

  • 20 pounds in weight
  • 1760 watts units
  • Stainless steel material
  • Has a chef-created recipe book
  • Virtually smoke-free
  • Two handles for easy lifting
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Can perform other kitchen functions

2. George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

The next indoor electric charcoal grill on our list is from George Foreman. Its dimensions are 22.2 x 20.5 x 13 inches and 21 pounds as weight. It can be used to make Korean BBQs enough for 15 people as it has a 240sq inches grilling surface. This will serve you well when hosting a bunch of friends.

It has a tough non-stick coating that makes it easy to clean and very durable.

Furthermore, you can make an easy switch from indoor to outdoor with its easy to remove stand. In addition, it has an adjustable temperature control with five heat settings to give you the best you can get from any BBQ kind.

The grill lid is dome-shaped, and the grill plate can be easily removed for washing.

Lastly, George Foreman electric grill is versatile, and its quality is top-notch. Expect a long term use.

Pros and Benefits

  • 21 pounds in weight
  • thick non-stick coating
  • Up to 15 servings
  • Dome grill lid
  • adjustable temperature
  • Removable stand
  • Ideal for use both outdoors and indoors

3. Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill 

From Hamilton comes the Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill. It’s just 8.1 pounds in weight, making it very convenient to place on your kitchen table. The grill is wide enough to serve up to 6 people with its 118 square-inch grilling surface.

In addition, it locks in the authentic taste of your BBQ as it sears at 450 degrees.  However, it has an adjustable temperature control to allow you to grill at a lower temperature and get the best grilling results.

Furthermore, Hamilton searing Grill comes with a transparent lid that ensures that you are able to keep an eye on your food while maintaining the optimal heat inside. It also has an extra-large drip tray making the components less messy and easy to clean.

Finally, You can cook more than just BBQ as it can be used to grill chicken, pizza, fish, vegetables, and fruits.

It has a 1200 watt unit, and as a plus, it has a one-year limited warranty.

Pros and Benefits

  • 8.14 pounds in weight
  • Up to 6 servings
  • Transparent lid
  • Extra-large dip tray
  • Removable grill plate
  • Easy to clean
  • 1200watt unit

4. Elite Gourmet EMG-980B Large Indoor Electric Grill 

Elite Gourmet electric grill is the next item on our professional list. This is one of the best grills for Korean BBQs suitable for families. It’s just 6 pounds with a 14″ grilling surface. It allows you to enjoy all the outdoor Korean BBQs in the comfort of your home. It has a non-stick coating that prevents your meats from getting stuck.

In addition, it has a 120V/1300 removable thermostat control with five adjustable settings that go up to 450°F. There’s also a circular heating element that ensures that heat is spread evenly and faster.

Furthermore, Elite Gourmet electric grill has a cool-touch handle for easy lifting and a base that prevents nasty burns. All the components are detachable and very easy to wash.

Lastly, it has a drip pan and a slight dome lid that allows you to check your food without lifting it. You’ll also get a one year warranty for purchasing this brand.

Pros and Benefits

  • 6 pounds in weight
  • Non-stick coating
  • removable thermostat control
  • Cool-touch handles and base
  • Drip pan and slightly domed lid
  • easy to use and clean
  • Ideal for a family setting

5. Electric Grill Etna 110v – Mallory

With Mallory’s Etna electric barbecue, you can roast or grill Korean BBQ and other foods, making it a healthier preparation option.

It has side handles with a cold touch, which guarantees more safety when cooking. It comes with an adjustable temperature selector, a security system with an automatic shutdown, and a grease collecting tray.

In addition, it is made of steel and plastic, ensuring greater resistance to the product. The feet are non-slip and provide more comfort both when cooking and when cleaning.

Pros and Benefits

  • 110 volts
  • Steel and plastic material
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Handles with cold-touch
  • Grease collecting tray
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Security system with an automatic shut down

You need more information about the grills?

There are many types of grills to help you cook a successful BBQ meal. Please refer to our other reviews for a more complete look. Check out the Best Flat Top Grill Reviews,

Best Indoor Electric Grill For Korean BBQs – Buying Tips

Number of people

Electric grills tend to be compact, so they are not always practical for barbecues with many people. However, if you intend to serve several people, check the size of the barbecue before buying it. The ideal length of a barbecue for two people is between 30 and 40 cm.  But, even if you are going to cook just for yourself, choose models at least 20 cm long to ensure that there will be no shortage of space in any situation.


Electric grills are made to be portable items and can be easily taken for trips, friends’ houses, or outings. However, if you are thinking of using your barbecue outside the home frequently, it is important to check the weight to ensure portability.

Energy consumption

Measured in watts (W), the power of portable electric grills is a direct indication of the heating capacity of the models. The more powerful the grill is, the more heat it is capable of generating. The models range from 1250 to about 2000 W.

However, remember that electric grills are considered products with high energy consumption. So be careful not to get too excited about high-powered models. If you are only going to make small barbecues for 2 or 3 people, the most basic powers are sufficient.


it is essential to clean the electric grill well after use. To assist in this, some models come with a cleaning spatula for the grill, which facilitates the removal of grease that may get stuck. 

However, what makes cleaning even easier is the possibility of removing the tray and the grid to wash each part. All models have a removable grill, but not all have a removable tray. In some cases, it is necessary to unscrew to clean, which ends up losing a little in practicality.

Check Voltage to Avoid Disorders

Before finalizing your purchase, be sure to check the voltage of the portable electric grill. This type of product is not bi-volt, so it is necessary to choose a model with a voltage compatible with that of your locality, especially if you will buy online.


Are Indoor Electric Grills any good?

To enjoy outdoor BBQs in the comfort of your home, you need an indoor electric grill. They’re very easy to use and also smoke-free. They’re the only type of grills that can be conveniently used indoors as they’re more eco-friendly when compared to gas or charcoal grills.

Do electric grills use a lot of electricity?

Electric grills consume quite a bit of electricity in that they are electric heating devices that use electricity. Just don’t worry too much unless you’re grilling meat every day or all day long. Usually, it uses about 1500W to 2,000W of power.

Can I use a griddle for Korean BBQ?

This is possible if it has a drip pan. Korean BBQs involve fatty meats, so a catch pan is needed for the oil to prevent the table from getting messy.

How to clean an indoor electric grill?

Cleaning is essential to preserve the electric barbecue and make it last longer. As soon as you are done using it, turn off and unplug it. Remove excess meat and fat with the help of a plastic spatula, then soak the grill with water and detergent. After performing the above procedure, the dirt will come off, and it is easier to wash completely. Don’t forget to wash the fat tray too.

So, What is the best Indoor Electric Grill For Korean BBQ?

According to our researches and customer reviews, we concluded that Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 4-quart Electric Grill is the best out there. Coupled with the fact that it’s a reputable brand, its quality is also top-notch. It can be used for many kitchen functions other than grilling. It’s virtually smoke-free and has a non-stick coating for you to grill confidently and enjoy the authentic taste of your home-made Korean BBQ.

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