How to Use Brinkmann Smoke N Grill?

If you are a lover of barbeque and you love getting on a grill always to make flavored meat and vegetables for you and your loved ones, then a Brinkmann Smoke N grill is a must-have. If you do not have this bad boy sitting prettily in your backyard already, you sure need to get one as soon as possible.

The Brinkmann smoke n grill might be super easy to use, but for someone who is a novice and does not know his or her way around, you always wonder: how to use Brinkmann smoke n grill? This is why I have had put this article together to aid you in your grilling journey and enable you to have the best moments with this smoker; talk about simple and classy!

How to Use Brinkmann Smoke N Grill?

The Brinkmann Smoke N Grill: Overview

The Brinkmann smoker n grill is a vertical smoker that uses water to smoke by adding moisture. It is set up with the food grates at the top, a water pan in the middle and a fire pan at the bottom.

This smoker also has a good size capacity in case you have a large family.

Instructions on How to Use Brinkmann Smoke N Grill?

1. Set up Your Smoker

Firstly, do a quick check on the bolts and nuts on the legs, handle, and door to see if they are secured. Check also if the grates are rightly placed. Then, get ready to cure your smoker.

Cure? What is that?

For a new smoker that has not been used, it is important you cure it before using. Like the term ‘cure’ connotes, this process helps you get rid of anything from the grill that might mix with your food and affect the taste. A newly-acquired smoker comes with a faint chemical odor (though not harmful), which might tamper with the food’s taste. Curing is the best way to get rid of this odor from the production process.

Besides, no one wants a smoker that would not last. Hence, to make the finish durable and shiny for a more extended period, curing needs to be done.

How Do You Cure a Brinkmann Smoke N Grill?

First, get the water pan and the charcoal pan out. Then coat the inside of the grill thoroughly with cooking oil. After that, you fill a chimney with charcoal and spray it with lighter fluid. The lighter fluid can be a vegetable oil, chimney starter, or even alcohol.

While your chimney is lighting up, fill your smoker with coals and pour the lighted coals in the chimney into the smoker’s fire pan. Let the charcoals keep burning till they are covered with ash. You would have to increase your smoker’s temperature a little higher than when you are smoking on it. You can fire it up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, any production chemical, leftover sealant, or paint would have burnt off. Then, you leave the smoker to cool off completely before cooking on it. After this curing process, your smoker is ready to be used!

2. Start Smoking 

After the curing process and your smoker has cooled off, the next step is to fill the charcoal pan with charcoal briquettes and let them light up. Then add your desired flavoring wood to the hot coals and turn it into the smoker’s fire pan.

Next, place the water pan in its right position, which is the lowest bracket right at the fire pan’s top. Fill the water pan with water without filling it to the brim to avoid spillage. Then, fix the grates. The first grate goes on the lower brackets, which is where you put the thickest chunk of meat or the largest food. With this, the larger and thicker food would cook fast, and you would get much flavor infused in the food.

The second grate goes on the upper brackets, and this is where you put the last food items that are not thick or large and do not take a long time to cook. When needed, top up the coals and the water, at most, every 2 hours.

One important thing to remember when smoking on the Brinkmann smoker is that you should keep the smoker’s lid and doors closed for the first 2 hours of smoking. With this, you get a better result since the heat and wood flavor would be trapped in the smoker and would densely infuse your steaks.

Do not forget to add wood chunks for flavor as you cook and also try to maintain the smoker’s temperature.

Take note that if you plan to smoke for more than 6 hours at a go, you would have to occasionally sift ash out of the filter pan so that your smoker can keep burning. This is because of the fact that with long hours of cooking, the ash from the coals might block the vents in the fire pan, thereby blocking them and putting out the fire.

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3. Controlling the Temperature

It is important you control your smoker’s temperature while cooking, so you do not end up with a portion of burnt food. Temperature control is why you need to fill the water pan with enough water, and the more water in the water pan, the lower the internal temperature. When the water is low, the internal temperature increases. However, while trying to be generous with the quantity of water you put in the pan, ensure you do not fill it to the rim to avoid water spilling in the fire pan. You should at least leave out 1 inch.

With the water pan, you would get a steady and consistent temperature for your barbecue.

4. Clean up After Usage

If you really want your smoker to last longer, you would have to maintain it. After use, wipe off the inside and outside of your smoker with a damp cloth, then coat with vegetable oil lightly. Also, wash the grates and pans, dry, and coat with vegetable oil. When you are not using your smoker, ensure it is properly covered.

Do not apply paint to the interior of the smoker. If you suspect any rust spot, clean and coat with vegetable oil instead.


Brinkmann smoker is one of those cheap but super-efficient smokers on the market. The advantage is that it also doubles as a grill for barbecues, meaning you can enjoy tender foods with smoky flavor as well as juicy barbecues. This smoker sure brings the best in slow-cooking. You would not also have problems with usage, whether you are a beginner or a pro. The steps discussed above are super easy to follow.

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